Resonant Bodies Sept 5thtk2
Thursday, September 5th
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7:00 PM
Lucy Dhegrae

JASON ECKARDT (b. 1971) – Dithyramb (2001), for solo soprano (from Tongues)
SHAWN JAEGER (b. 1985) – In Old Virginny (2007), for voice and double bass
DOUG BALLIETT (b. 1982) – Clytie and the Sun (2013), a rap cantata for voice, double bass, harp, piano, saxophone, and electric guitar (WORLD PREMIERE)
LAUTARO MANTILLA (b. 1982) – Bravement (2012), for 13 sopranos & lightbulbs

with Doug Balliett, double bass; Colin Davin, guitar; Daniel Kochersberger, saxophone; Megan Levin, harp; Zsolt Balogh, piano; and a choir of guest sopranos

8:00 PM
Ariadne Greif

GEORGE CRUMB (b. 1929) – Apparition: Eight Elegiac Songs and Vocalises (1979), for soprano and amplified piano
Select instructions from YOKO ONO (b. 1933) – Grapefruit (1964)
ARIADNE GREIF – Three Beloved, Old Songs, in a New Way, for soprano, toys, and live electronics
I. “Douce Dame Jolie”  – Guillaume de Machaut (1300-1377)
II. “Si dolce e’il tormento”  – Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
III. “Pourquoy doux rossignol”  – Jean-Baptiste Drouart de Bousset (1662-1725)
ALBERT BEHAR (b. 1990) – Selections from Calligrammes (2012), for soprano and accordion
I. “Le Pont Mirabeau”
II. “Il Pleut”

with Jason Wirth, piano;  Albert Behar, accordion

9:00 PM
Charlotte Mundy

MORTON FELDMAN (1926-87) – Three Voices (1982), for voice and tape

Resonant Bodies Sept 6th
Friday, September 6th
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7:00 PM
Amirtha Kidambi

DARIUS JONES (b. 1979) – 12 Etudes from The Over-Soul Manual

with the Elizabeth-Caroline Unit (Sarah Dyson, Jean Carla Rodea, and Kristin Slipp)
Illustrations by Randall Wilcox

8:00 PM
Jamie Jordan

HENRI POUSSEUR (1929-2009)Phonèmes pour Cathy (1966), for solo voice
KAIJA SAARIAHO (b. 1952) – Lonh (1996), for voice and electronics
PAUL COLEMAN (b. 1974) – Mock Me (2013), adapted from Swarm (2008), for voice and electronics
JACOB COOPER (b. 1980) – Unspunfrom Silver Threads (2012), for voice and electronics

9:00 PM
Megan Schubert

MILTON BABBITT  – Phonemena (1975), for soprano and tape
ALLEN SHAWN – Songs from Nothing (2004), for voice and piano
MATT FAGEN – For 1 Voice (2003), for solo voice
JOHN COLTRANE – Preview of Giant Steps (rec. 1960), for voice and tape
LUCIANO BERIO – Sequenza III (1966), for female voice
MEGAN SCHUBERT  – I’m No Third Wheel (2013) and who knows if the moon’s (2009)

Resonant Bodies Sept 7th
Saturday, September 7th
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7:00 PM
Jeffrey Gavett 

BEAT FURRER (b. 1954) – Stimme – allein (1997), for baritone (US PREMIERE)
JOHN CAGE (1912-1992) – Aria (1958), for solo voice, with Fontana Mix (1958)
PETER ABLINGER (b. 1959) – The Real as Imaginary (2012), for voice and noise
MARTIN IDDON (b. 1975) – pneuma.pistis (2011), for solo voice
EVAN JOHNSON (b. 1980) – a general interrupter to ongoing activity (2011), for solo voice
AARON CASSIDY (b. 1976) – I, Purples, Spat Blood, Laugh of Beautiful Lips (2004-06)

8:00 PM
Christie Finn

GEORGES APERGHIS (b. 1945) – Récitations pour voix seule (1978)

9:00 PM
Roundtable discussion with festival singers, composers, and advisory board member Lucy Shelton.

9:30 PM
Kjersti Kveli 

KJERSTI KVELI (b. 1984) – Animal Stories (2010-13)
KVELI – Vampire Landmine, an urban opera (2013)

with the Cochlea Freedom Ensemble: Asami Tamura, koto; Tor Morten Kjøsnes, piano; Brian Questa, double bass; Nicole Camacho, flute